the 411 : real pressed flower & foliage iPhone cases

2015. When it all began, in a tiny storage closet of my then apartment. Fast forward three years and I’m still making pressed floral iPhone cases and I love it. Why? It’s my art, it allows me to work with my hands and my creative side, flowers are home to me.

From the start, I’ve made sure that each iPhone case I’ve made are one of a kind, uniquely their own. All my iPhone cases are handmade made with real flowers and foliage, from my garden, my mother’s garden or local Vancouver florists during the cooler months. Each piece is thoughtfully designed for you and only you. It’s a piece of flower art for your phone, to carry with you, your own little personal bouquet.

Each time I design a new collection, I try to think of new ways differentiate each iPhone case. I like the idea that you can go to my shop and find an array of totally different designs and colours. Some of my pressed floral iPhone cases are more soft and muted while others are more eclectic and bright and then you as a customer can decide which vibe bests suits you.

In my studio - mid process

In my studio - mid process

The design process always starts with a harvest of fresh flowers that I will dry and then later press over a period of time until they’re juuuuust right. I love sifting through all the pressed flowers, the combinations are endless – it’s one of my favourite parts of the job. Once the flowers are pressed I start the design process, which then moves into another stage of design when I’m casting resin, and then they’re finally tagged with an eco-friendly gift tag. My gift tags are made with flower seeds – plant your tag, you’ll grow your own bouquet of beauties!


So how long does it take? That’s a question I get a lot, and the answer is about a week, excluding the flower pressing stage which takes much longer. It’s a really quality over quantity thing for me – I would never want to sell you something I wouldn’t keep for myself.


Anyways, I think I’ve rambled on enough for today. Wanna find your perfect pressed floral iPhone case? Shop my latest collection here.


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Photography | Nicole Robertson of Marcy Media & Britt of JBS

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