About Her 

Her inner flower child is beaming. 

Founder and Artisan, Britt Stillie, has always been drawn to the abundance of natural beauty the West Coast has to offer. Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Britt was immersed into the world of flowers from a young age. Her mother, an avid gardener, instilled an endless appreciation for such beautiful creatures within her. 

Since forever she was unamused by protective phone cases, feeling like something was missing. Then it came to her: what if she could preserve her blooms and carry them at her fingertips all day, everyday? So, after many slippery finger incidents and lack of case love she decided to make her own. With a little intuition, some trial + tribulation JUST B SMILING bloomed. 

JBS was born in the summer of 2015, out of a tiny storage closet in Britt's apartment. Today, JBS is designed out of Britt's home studio, in East Vancouver, where still creates endless cases & one of a kind pieces of art for your walls. 

Her goal is to create pieces that inspire you; she hopes that you love them just as much as she loves making them for you.